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Artifacts: Boots
Artifact Slot Class Cost Effect Combination
 Dragonbone Greaves Dragonbone Greaves Feet Treasure 2000 Gold   Knowledge +1
Power skill +1
Part of Power of the Dragon Father
 Boots of Speed Boots of Speed Feet Minor 6000 Gold   Hero Movement points +400 Horn of the Abyss
 Dead Man's Boots Dead Man's Boots Feet Major 6000 Gold   Necromancy +7.5% Horn of the Abyss Part of Cloak of the Undead King
 Boots of Polarity Boots of Polarity Feet Relic 6000 Gold   Magic Resistance +15% Part of Pendant of Reflection Horn of the Abyss
 Sandals of the Saint Sandals of the Saint Feet Relic 8000 Gold   All Primary skills +2 Part of Angelic Alliance
 Boots of Levitation Boots of Levitation Feet Relic 10000 Gold   Spell Water Walk permanent
 Wayfarer's Boots Wayfarer's Boots Horn of the Abyss Feet Major 5000 Gold   No movement penalty over rough terrain

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