Breastplate of Brimstone

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C Armor of the Damned Shadow of Death
m Armor of Wonder
M Breastplate of Brimstone
t Breastplate of Petrified Wood
R Dragon Scale Armor
C Power of the Dragon Father Shadow of Death
m Rib Cage
m Scales of the Greater Basilisk
R Titan's Cuirass
M Tunic of the Cyclops King
R Plate of Dying Light Horn of the Abyss
M Royal Armor of Nix Horn of the Abyss
Breastplate of Brimstone
Breastplate of Brimstone Class: major
Slot: torso
Cost: 6000 Gold
Effect: Worn on the torso, this item increases your Power skill by +5.
You meet a blacksmith who is in the process of melting down old pieces of armor and weapons to reclaim the metal. When he learns of your quest, he gives you a breastplate that he claims refused to melt, and is therefore of no value to him.

Breastplate of Brimstone is a major class artifact equipped in the torso slot. While equipped, the breastplate increases hero's Spell Power by +5.

Part of Armageddon's Blade combination artifact in the Armageddon's Blade campaign together with Shield of the Damned and Sword of Hellfire.

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