Quest Guard

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Quest Guard
Quest Guard as seen on the adventure map.

Quest Guard is an adventure map object that does not allow a hero to pass, unless the requirements of the quest are fulfilled. Completing the quest works in a similar way as in Seer's Huts. When Quest Guard is passed, it disappears. There are several different types of quests the guard can have. They are:

  • Achieve certain experience Level
  • Achieve certain levels in primary skills (They can be independent for each skill.)
  • Defeat a specific hero
  • Defeat a specific wandering creature stack
  • Return with an artifact or artifacts (They are lost when completing the quest.)
  • Return with resources (They are lost when completing the quest.)
  • Be a specific hero
  • Be a specific color

If you return after having received your quest but before completing it, you might get a message that contains more hints.

Horn of the Abyss

Quest guard for water terrain was added:

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