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  • Removed Spells: Slow, Haste, Protection from Water and Summon Earth Elementals.
  • Removed Artifacts: Orb of Silt.
  • Added Artifacts: Golden Goose, Cornucopia and Statue of Legion (as Relics) as well as Sleepkeeper, Surcoat of Counterpoise and Boots of Polarity.
  • Many redundant Secondary Skills have been removed.
  • Added Airship Yards in the treasure zones i55 (index 55).
  • Starting zones always have Hut of the Magi. And all treasure zones except i242 spawn with an Eye of the Magi.
  • Added second town that mirrors player's faction in the biomes (without Fort building).
  • Number of T1 - T5 Dwellings in the biome is tailored for each faction separately. Higher tier dwellings are guaranteed.
  • Town Gate value is reduced to 3500 value (from 10k) and it should spawn in every zone.
  • Pandora's boxes with gold and spells have been limited to 1 max per zone.
  • Removed some redundant Pandora types and Quests.
  • Greatly reduced the frequency of Creature Banks (like Hives, Pickets, Shops etc.).
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