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Allies is a characteristic of a map which defines two or more player to be in an alliance. Alliance can not be broken during the game nor can it be formed. Players and/or computers who are allied share each others map and 'line of sight'. Heroes of allied players can not attack each other. Additionally, heroes can visit ally's town and while it is not possible to buy troops from the town, it is possible to

  • buy a spell book and learn spells from the mage guild
  • drop off troops into the garrison but can not take them back
  • upgrade creatures in hero's own army.

If an ally completes a victory condition (e.g. captures the artifact), the scenario is considered won.

A hero may meet with an ally and learn spells through the Scholar skill.

A hero may give troops and artifacts to an ally he meets but cannot take them.

An ally may request resources be sent through the marketplace.

A hero cannot steal an ally's mines nor external creature dwellings, cannot hire creatures from the latter.

Another hero can be purchased.

A hero may use Town Portal to enter an ally's town.

In an Inferno town, a hero can use the Castle Gate to leave but not enter.