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Duel is a template designed for 1 Hero gameplay. The addition of 3 guaranteed control scrolls in the starting zone gives players more freedom of movement and negates some aspects of randomness in the game, like bad roads and obstacles. Duel was originally a version of Jebus Outcast, which then evolved as a separate template. Thanks to the changes that align with its more competitive nature, pro players of Duel are able to achieve the highest possible win rates on a non-mirror template. Making Duel the one and only cybersport template number 1 in Heroes 3. MKC, h3templates


  • The Bunker is an underground zone where a player spawns, it contains: 3 control scrolls (Fly, Dimension Door and Town Portal), Wood, Ore and Gold mines, several Knowledge boosters and Pandora's Box with all lvl 3 spells (requires Basic Wisdom).
  • Gold Mine guards in the Bunker always join (75%, without Diplomacy), price range is from 2000 to 7600 gold - max roll of Walking Dead (Skeletons, Familiars, Fire Elementals).
  • On the topside of your biome there's 4 towns: 2 of which mirror your starting town, one town that mirrors central desert town and another one is a Conflux town (used for learning magic skills and selling artifacts).
  • Pandora with all spells (which requires Expert Wisdom) can be found in the "Side Bunker" which is located in the corner of a Side Treasury. 50k value entrance guard.
  • Diplomacy effectiveness is reduced to 25% joining in the desert and starting biomes.
  • All Pandora's Boxes on the surface always give units.
  • Duo Duel is made for 2v2 format: Red & Tan vs Blue & Green. This version has Shackles of War and retreating (surrendering) is allowed without any restrictions.
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