Good to Go

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Good to Go Restoration of Erathia
4 Total Players / 2 Human Players
Underground disabled Size 1 (36×36) - S
In an effort to reduce the frequency of wars between the various nations, the Emperor has set aside a small region to be used as a battleground to settle differences between quarreling Lords. Your castle starts fully constructed so that you may concentrate on defeating your opponent. Good luck!
Victory condition:
Defeat All Enemies
Loss condition:
Lose All Your Towns and Heroes
Allies: Red/Blue Enemies:       1:Red/Blue      2:GreenOrange
Choose a bonus:
Carried to next scenario:
Max level:

Timed events[edit]

Day Title Message
Day 1 Starting Resources The duel has begun, and will end only when one of you remains. As part of the ritual of combat in this region, you are provided with enough supplies with which to wage war.
Effect: +75 Wood, +50 Mercury, +75 Ore, +50 Sulfur, +50 Crystal, +50 Gem, +50000 Gold
Day 1 Warning You must also be careful, as the natives will try to stop both you and your opponent from winning!



Location Player Type Name
3, 5, 0 Red Random Town -
32, 33, 0 Blue Random Town -
32, 4, 0 Green Fortress -
3, 33, 0 Orange Stronghold -


Location Player Hero
25, 6, 0 Green Korbac Korbac the Beastmaster
32, 8, 0 Green Verdish Verdish the Witch
1, 28, 0 Orange Yog Yog the Barbarian
6, 35, 0 Orange Oris Oris the Battle Mage

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