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Jebus Outcast was originally envisioned as a template which lets you experience Heroes 3 in a totally different way. It all began with a special version of Jebus King that had pretty much all the overpowered stuff removed. Then I showed it to John Denver, who had ideas similar to mine regarding the balance issues of Heroes 3, and he helped me pick the name for this template. Back then it was played with 8 Heroes like all the other templates. First streamer who started playing it and brought a lot of attention to JO was Lexiav, his feedback was crucial in the process of development. And later on, it was on his stream where I saw that playing this game with 1 Hero is actually viable (by adding certain rules basically), for me it was like the key missing element which was needed to turn Heroes 3 into a more approachable game for everyone. It was less time consuming, it was simple, engaging and fun.

From that moment Jebus Outcast started gaining more and more popularity. Especially when the first Jebus Roulette tournament was organized by Feral and Lexiav - then it really took off. The hype was so unreal that streamers like Gluhammer, Twaryna and Dreadz, as well as content creator Sir Troglodyte, all took notice of this new thing - 1 Hero gaming. They loved this template and I'm sure they brought a lot of new players to the lobby. At some point Baratorch even made a fix that disables the possibility of recruiting Heroes from Tavern, specifically for Outcast. And that's the story of how JO came to be what it is now. MKC, h3templates


  • All Pandora's Boxes contain units, except 7 big boxes in the desert which give all spells (55000 value each).
  • Diplomacy effectiveness is reduced to 25% joining in the desert. Zone guards between desert and biomes can randomly spawn as 25% or 50% joining, depending on a tile they stand on.
  • Can be played with or without “fake underground”. Adding underground level allows 2 uses of Dimension Door per turn (with Expert Air Magic) and it also doubles rating rewards in the online lobby.
  • Jebus Outcast Islands is a special version of JO, where instead of a rich middle zone you have a large sea with many Utopia-like objects. All scrolls in the biome are TP, DD and Fly. To activate it, choose Water Content - Islands in the setup and select H+U or XH+U size. Can be played with 4 players max.
  • Jebus Outcast Premium is an experimental version of JO, it unlocks top level Heroes and gives access to Triple Build from the start.
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