Knee Deep in the Dead

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Knee Deep in the Dead Restoration of Erathia
2 Total Players / 1 Human Player
Underground disabled Size 1 (36×36) - S
You awaken to a world greatly changed. Zombies are everywhere. You appear to be Knee Deep in the Dead.
Victory condition:
Defeat All Enemies
Loss condition:
Lose All Your Towns and Heroes
Allies: Red Enemies: Blue
Choose a bonus:
Carried to next scenario:
Max level:

Timed events[edit]

Day Title Message
Day 1 Day 1 While on maneuvers, your army camped and fell into a deep sleep. Upon awakening you find yourselves surrounded by a massive army of zombies, many of whom appear to be your former perimeter sentries. Disoriented, you must escape and find your home.
Day 2 Day 2 It appears that you have become the victim of a legend that claims that on the full moon of the first year of the seventh Cycle of the Wyrm, the Necrolord will arrive and rise the dead from their graves to take back the land of the living. If you could only find the Necrolord and banish him...
Day 3 Evil Laughter You hear a sickening evil laughter on the wind. Did you really hear it or was it just your overactive imagination?
Day 8 At Red:
Shipment of Goods
A shipment from the outer reaches of your kingdom arrives. This shipment is one of vital import. Many of the supplies you will need for the coming battle are included.
Effect: +5 Wood, +5 Mercury, +5 Ore, +5 Sulfur, +5 Crystal, +5 Gem, +3000 Gold



Location Message
34, 13, 0 Note: Only applies to Red player
As you approach the frozen regions of the Necrolord you get a sense of foreboding.
Contents: -1 Morale Morale


Location Player Type Name
2, 33, 0   Castle -
2, 5, 0 Blue Necropolis Scorch


Location Player Hero
2, 6, 0 Blue Sandro Necrolord the Necromancer
Note: Hero identity is Sandro.
20, 20, 0 Red Christian Christian the Knight


Location Message
24, 19, 0 West to Castle. East to the marshalling fields.

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

With Advanced Pathfinding and some luck, you might be able to capture your enemy's town in the first week. Then just wait until the enemy hero attacks and you win in the second week.

The name is a reference to the first episode of game Doom.