Market of Time

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Market of Time

Market of Time is an adventure map location, that can be found on some of the maps made with the early version of Restoration of Erathia.

The Market of Time went through several revisions before we scrapped it.
I believe it was going to be a marketplace that appeared and disappeared
on the map according to a schedule.

George Ruof
Senior Programmer
New World Computing


Greg Fulton, one of lead designers of HoMM3, answered the question about the market's functions:

Originally, the Market of Time was called ‘Brigadoon’.  It would randomly appear after long periods of time, and for a Day, a Hero could purchase very high value artifacts and very cheap resources.  It was ‘cut’ because it required new programming functionality, we were running out of development time, and I was worried players would ‘park’ a Hero at the destination and simply wait for the Market.  Also, for the record, it was never a place where Heroes could unlearn Secondary Skills.

Fanstratics Newsletter #5 (January 2021)