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Scholar as seen on the adventure map.

Scholar is an adventure map object, that teaches a hero +1 to one of the primary skills, or one level of secondary skill, or a spell. The map-maker can define which primary skill, which secondary skill or which spell the scholar teaches, or it can be random.

If the Scholar teaches a secondary skill that a hero already has, it will teach it to the next level (e.g. from basic to advanced). If the hero has the secondary skill already at expert level, the teaching will be random. The same happens if the Scholar teaches a spell and the hero has already learned it, doesn't have spell book or sufficient level of Wisdom to learn it. Thus, the Scholar always teaches the hero something and disappears after that.

A Scholar can also teach a secondary skill that a hero cannot learn due to his class. For example, a Scholar can teach Water Magic to Barbarians.

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss, heroes can refuse to learn a secondary skill from a Scholar. Rejecting a skill still causes the Scholar to disappear. Primary skills and spells cannot be rejected.

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

The problem with Scholars is, that one cannot know what it teaches before it teaches it. This becomes problematic, if the Scholar teaches an unwanted secondary skill which occupies a slot for something more important. Sometimes a Scholar teaches a spell which is not the most essential or useful; thus, try to learn all spells in your Mage Guilds (even ones used very rarely), as if you have already learnt a spell provided by a Scholar, you will get instead +1 to a primary skill which is way more useful.

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