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Shadow Economy is the most unique template in Heroes 3 and my personal favorite. Its name is a reference to the fact that here Black Markets have all kinds of Relics for sale. Including those that are not normally available on other templates. This adds a new layer of depth into the game, you can now choose between buying Army or powerful Artifacts. Moreover different Relics are now properly valued, for instance you can buy an assembled Wizard's Well for just 7500 gold, however if you want something like Armageddon's Blade or Horn of the Abyss you will need 125000 gold, which is more fair in comparison to the current system where all Relics have the same value.

Another unique feature of this template is Player biomes that are meant to represent your faction's City, both visually and functionally. There's no guards other than in high tier Dwellings, no roadblocks, no breaks so you are just free to do whatever you want. The variety of Dwellings allows you to experiment with exotic builds which are usually deemed not viable. Overall I think this template is great for complete beginners in Heroes 3, due to its adventure-like gameplay. MKC, h3templates


  • Starting zone has 1 guaranteed control scroll (DD on L size and TP on M size).
  • Bunker boxes give random rewards (Spells, Gold and Experience). Spell boxes can't contain LVL5 Spells.
  • Inside all Bunkers - guards always join for free, no Diplomacy needed (25 or 50%).
  • Town Gate object is available in each zone on the surface.
  • All Minor Artifacts are disabled along with all objects that give Relic or Minor Artifacts. However you can buy Relics on Black Markets. Including those that are not normally available on other templates, like Armageddon's Blade and Horn of the Abyss.
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