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Souverain is a continuation of Jebus King development under a new name, with a heavy focus on building native army. Jebus Cross (A) was the first PVP template I made, with the goal of bringing actual cybersport into Heroes 3. It was later renamed into Jebus King and at some point it branched out into many other new templates. Among them is an infamous Jebus Outcast and its less known predecessor - Chaton Souverain. Now with it's final name change, this template is taking the new shape that should bring a bigger variety of playstyles. MKC, h3templates


  • Size: XL+U
  • Enabled heroes: Thorgrim (Resistance), Galthran (Skeletons), Adrienne (Fire Magic), Mutare Drake (Dragons), Bidley (Sea Dogs), Frederick (Automatons), Murdoch (Archery)
  • Disabled heroes: Xsi (Stone Skin), Geon (Eagle Eye), Tiva (Eagle Eye), Andal (+1 Crystal), Giselle (Interference), Floribert (First Aid), Eanswythe (Weakness)
  • Starting towns: All allowed
  • Max Battle Rounds: 100
  • Hero Hiring is Enabled
  • Enabled artifacts:Statue of Legion, Cornucopia, Golden Goose, Sleepkeeper
  • Disabled artifacts:Helm of the Alabaster Unicorn, Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment, Bird of Perception, Stoic Watchman, Emblem of Cognizance, Statesman's Medal, Diplomat's Ring, Ambassador's Sash, Necklace of Ocean Guidance, Collar of Conjuring, Ring of Conjuring, Hourglass of the Evil Hour, Orb of Vulnerability, Boots of Speed, Cape of Velocity, Pendant of Second Sight, Pendant of Holiness, Pendant of Death, Pendant of Free Will, Pendant of Negativity, Pendant of Total Recall, Pendant of Courage, Everflowing Crystal Cloak, Ring of Infinite Gems, Everpouring Vial of Mercury, Inexhaustible Cart of Ore, Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur, Inexhaustible Cart of Lumber, Endless Sack of Gold, Endless Bag of Gold, Endless Purse of Gold, Legs of Legion, Loins of Legion, Torso of Legion, Arms of Legion, Head of Legion, Cape of Silence
  • Disabled spells:Water Walk, Implosion, Inferno, Fire Shield, Prot. from Water, Magic Mirror, Slayer, Earth Elemental
  • Disabled secondary skills: Pathfinding, Mysticism, Luck, Ballistics, Eagle Eye, Estates, Scholar, Artillery, Learning, Intelligence, Sorcery, First Aid, Interference
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