Succession Wars

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The Succession Wars, also known as the First and Second War of Enrothian Succession, refers to the period in Enrothian history from the 1110s AS to 1150s AS, where armies clashed over rulership of the Kingdom of Enroth.

First War of Enrothian Succession[edit]

Shortly after the arrival of Morglin Ironfist in the world of Enroth, he found himself in bitter combat for the crown against three native rulers: Queen Lamanda, Lord Slayer, and Lord Alamar. Once Morglin gained control of the Eye of Goros, a powerful magic artifact, the population rallied behind him, and he managed to defeat his adversaries. He was crowned king, and the others bowed to his leadership.

Second War of Enrothian Succession[edit]

After King Ironfist's death, there was doubt about which of his two sons, Roland or Archibald, would inherit the throne. Unwilling to risk defeat, Archibald had four of the royal seers killed, and blamed his brother for the murders. This lead to a bitter war for the kingdom, where Archibald was allied with the necromancers, warlocks, and barbarians, but with the aid of the sorceresses, knights, and wizards, Roland managed to defeat his brother.