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In Newsletter #09, I addressed a question from Behemoth Cave, where they asked about the ‘Lobstrosity’. [1] At the time, my reply was, “this concept drawing.

While I never saw the modeled Lobstrosity, and never knew it was in the game as a ‘secret’ Troop, I do recall seeing the concept art. As it is now commonly called, the Lobstrosity was George Almond’s first attempt at the Behemoth (the concept art file is appropriately named).

After Phelan showed the sketch to me, I told her, “No.”

She then shrugged and asked, “Well? What’s it supposed to look like?”

I told her, “Something like the Rancor from Return of the Jedi.”

With this new information, she departed and spun up the game’s final result. As for the Lobstrosity, I had no idea the creature had been modeled and I never saw the final result. This would explain why I didn’t remember it.

Greg Fulton, the lead designer of HoMM3 (RoE and AB)

Fanstratics Newsletter #13 (September 2021)