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Though Phoenixes are not the strongest tier 7 creature, their main strength lies in their incredible speed. They are easily the fastest unit in the game and can cover the span of an entire battlefield with one movement. Even in low numbers, they are extremely handy in the ranks of a hero wielding powerful Expert spells like Slow, Haste or Prayer. An army containing Phoenixes is next to guaranteed to strike first, unless the foe has multiple speed-boosting artifacts like Cape of Velocity and/or is Sir Mullich. This gives the Phoenix controller the ability to immediately buff their entire army or cripple the opponent's.

The Phoenixes' ability to resurrect themselves, although it only works on a very small number of creatures compared to the original stack size, can be quite annoying for an opponent. For instance, it can make it harder to get rid of a stack of phoenixes forcing a shooter into melee, or to kill all of a weaker hero's army before they retreat or surrender with their artifacts.

Like all creatures with Breath attacks, Phoenixes can be a double-edged sword as a crafty opponent may lure them into hitting your own units with their retaliation.