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'spell table/see also' alignment needs a solution

float=none seems to have done the trick. ―imahero 04:52, 20 May 2018 (CEST)

Decoys, AIs, and You: How To Prevent Wannabe Skynet From Winning[edit]

Been away for some time and found the decoy trick section edited in a way that pointed to 1) the editor not being native English speaker or 2) the editor not really understanding how it works. I meant that sometimes combat AI gets positively OBSESSED with something, usually one unit, most often ranged troop, spellcaster like Master Genies, or a war machine. Then AI proceeds to literally throw EVERYTHING it has at the target of its obsession despite having other (better) targets. Play Dragon Slayer campaign, see the stacks of dragons ALWAYS ganging up on one specific unit, and you will understand, it's easier to show than explain. In the same campaign you can literally kite/shoot legions of Nagas and Naga Queens to death because they keep chasing Master Genies. In endgame battles AI often sends its 7th level hard hitters like Archangels or Gold/Black Dragons at... Ammo Cart. Or First Aid Tent. I've seen memes about this already. It's just the quirk of Heroes 3 combat AI, it exists, it can be used, so it WILL be used, and it should be known - Fafner (talk) 12:30, 14 April 2021 (UTC)

Spell casting abilities[edit]

Do the spells that they cast have different probabilities as when I play with them (which is very rarely to be fair :) ) they seem to cast the same spells. Anybody feel the same?