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I want to add a couple of images on the entrance/exit lith pages so that users will know which entrance leads to which exit (it is a bit hard to recognise them, and for years I thought it was random). Related:

Gem 14:03, 28 November 2012 (UTC)

"In original Restoration of Erathia there were four different types of monolith two ways and four different types of monolith one ways (entrances and exits). The Armageddon's Blade expansions added four more types of gates increasing the number up to eight."

Checked RoE and AB h3sprite.lod files and a couple of random generations: just 3 one way and 3 two way monoliths in both:
Monolith One Way Entrance1.gif AVXMN1B0.def
Monolith One Way Entrance2.gif AVXMN1R0.def
Monolith One Way Entrance3.gif AVXMN1Y0.def
Monolith One Way Exit1.gif AVXMX1B0.def
Monolith One Way Exit2.gif AVXMX1R0.def
Monolith One Way Exit3.gif AVXMX1Y0.def
Monolith Two Way1.gif AVXMN2G0.def
Monolith Two Way2.gif AVXMN2O0.def
Monolith Two Way3.gif AVXMN2P0.def
and no signs of
Monolith One Way Entrance4.gif AVXMN4I0.def
Monolith One Way Exit4.gif AVXMX4I0.def
Monolith Two Way4.gif AVXMN4B0.def
as they are in SoD, so I don't think this information is plausible.--ShushMaster (talk) 01:32, 8 July 2018 (CEST)