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Tatalia, also known as the Mudlands, is covered in swamps, marshes, and rainforest. It is home to the Gnolls and Lizardmen which find home in the Fortresses, along with the Beastmasters and Witches.

Tatalia was first ruled by Droglo, and later by King Tralossk. Wystan is the next heir to throne. The capital city is unknown. Tatalia means, "Community".

According to Jennifer Bullard's development documents, shortly after the events of Armageddon's Blade and during the events of Heroes Chronicles, Tatalia ceased to exist due to Kilgor's and Mutare's wars with Erathia and other kingdoms, only several heroes like Adrienne remaining and a few hundreds of Fortress troops. Most of the creatures of the Fortress faction probably died after the Reckoning, except for most of the Hydras, who managed to settle on Axeoth and live together with the Black Dragons.