Vampire's Cowl

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M Ambassador's Sash
R Angel Wings
t Cape of Conjuring
M Cape of Velocity
C Cloak of the Undead King Shadow of Death
m Dragon Wing Tabard
M Everflowing Crystal Cloak
M Recanter's Cloak
M Surcoat of Counterpoise
m Vampire's Cowl
M Cape of Silence Horn of the Abyss
C Diplomat's Cloak Horn of the Abyss
Vampire's Cowl
Vampire's Cowl Class: minor
Slot: shoulders
Cost: 4000 Gold
Effect: Worn about the shoulders, this cowl increases hero's necromancy skill by 10% (5% in Horn of the Abyss).
You manage to find a Vampire's resting place during the day, and are able to slay him easily. Just for good measure, you take his cowl.

Vampire's Cowl is a minor class artifact equipped in the shoulders slot.

Worn about the shoulders, this cowl increases your Necromancy skill by 10% (5% in Horn of the Abyss).

When combined with Amulet of the Undertaker, and Dead Man's Boots, it will become the powerful Cloak of the Undead King.

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Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss, Vampire's Cowl increases Necromancy skill by 5% instead of 10%.

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