Amulet of the Undertaker

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t Amulet of the Undertaker
R Celestial Necklace of Bliss
t Collar of Conjuring
M Garniture of Interference
M Necklace of Dragonteeth
M Necklace of Ocean Guidance
t Necklace of Swiftness
M Pendant of Courage
t Pendant of Death
t Pendant of Dispassion
t Pendant of Free Will
t Pendant of Holiness
t Pendant of Life
M Pendant of Negativity
M Pendant of Second Sight
t Pendant of Total Recall
M Statesman's Medal
M Pendant of Downfall Horn of the Abyss
C Pendant of Reflection Horn of the Abyss
Amulet of the Undertaker
Amulet of the Undertaker Class: treasure
Slot: neck
Cost: 2000 Gold
Effect: When equipped, the amulet increases hero's Necromancy skill by +5% (2.5% in Horn of the Abyss).
A dirty amulet lies next to a freshly dug grave. Upon investigation, you discover it to be the enchanted Amulet of the Undertaker, long thought lost by mortals.

Amulet of the Undertaker is a treasure class artifact equipped in the neck slot. When equipped, it gives +5% (2.5% in Horn of the Abyss) to hero's Necromancy secondary skill. If a hero does not have the skill, the artifact has no effect.

In Shadow of Death expansion, Amulet of the Undertaker can be combined with Vampire's Cowl and Dead Man's Boots to create Cloak of the Undead King (combination artifact).

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Horn of the Abyss[edit]

In Horn of the Abyss Amulet of the Undertaker increases Necromancy skill by 2,5% instead of 5%.

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