All for One

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All for One Restoration of Erathia
3 Total Players / 2 Human Players
Underground enabled Size 2 (72×72) - M
Three life-long friends become enemies when each inherits a portion of the kingdom following the King's death. You must show your former friends how to rule... through conquest.
Victory condition:
Defeat All Enemies
Loss condition:
Lose All Your Towns and Heroes
Allies: Red/Blue Enemies: Red/Blue+Tan
Choose a bonus:
Carried to next scenario:
Max level:

Timed events[edit]

Day Title Message
Day 1 Intro part 1 You and your two best friends were inseparable as youths, never doing anything without the others being present. Later, you entered the King's service, and though you were often assigned to different tasks, the three of you always celebrated together when all was said and done.
Day 1 Intro part 2 When the King died, however, your friendship changed. Each of you inherited a portion of the kingdom to rule, but when it came down to running the kingdom, each of you had very different opinions on how it should be done.
Day 1 Intro part 3 Yesterday, the three of you stopped speaking to each other. You have decided that the only form of communication that your two "friends" will understand is an all-out war.



Location Message
20, 30, 0 An old man approches and says: "Supposedly, the witch Verdish has the Boots of Polarity, but she is locked away in a Prison!"

Note: ONLY applies to HUMAN player.


Location Player Type Name
15, 12, 0 Red Random Town -
34, 6, 0   Tower -
55, 13, 0   Necropolis -
9, 34, 0   Rampart -
54, 34, 0   Stronghold -
7, 63, 0   Castle -
34, 59, 0 Blue Random Town -
55, 57, 0   Fortress -
30, 11, 1   Inferno -
60, 11, 1 Tan Random Town -
66, 44, 1   Dungeon -


Location Player Hero
2, 64, 0 Imprisoned Verdish Verdish the Witch


Location Type Message
12, 15, 1 Imp Imps My precious, hehe...

Rewards: Ring of LifeRing of Life
34, 57, 1 Imp Imps Finders keepers, hehe...

Rewards: Bird of PerceptionBird of Perception

Seer's Huts[edit]

Location Quest Reward Messages

11, 13, 0
Return with:
Ring of LifeRing of Life
5000  Experience Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

30, 55, 0
Return with:
Emblem of CognizanceEmblem of Cognizance
+5  Defense skill Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

1, 25, 0
Return with:
Boots of PolarityBoots of Polarity
 Dimension Door Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

65, 35, 0
Return with:
Sea Captain's HatSea Captain's Hat
100 Gold Golem Gold Golems Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

1, 16, 0
Return with:
Vampire's CowlVampire's Cowl
+5  Attack skill Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

31, 64, 0
Return with:
Bird of PerceptionBird of Perception
5000  Experience Proposal: (none)
Progress: (none)
Completion: (none)

Pandora's Boxes[edit]

Location Type Message
50, 53, 1 Pandora's Box Oh #%$& !
Guardians: 66 Arch Devil Arch Devils

Contents: 25000  Experience

Ocean Bottles[edit]

Location Message
17, 41, 0 Find the Grail, It's your only hope!

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