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This template's gameplay is based on the gameplay elements that are usually banned (mechanically or verbally): Cloak of the Undead King, joining guards by Diplomacy, Cartographer, poorly guarded spell scrolls, abusing misplaced guards. One template of 12 is randomly selected each generation, and the player has to guess each time.


  • Map size: L+U.
  • Starting player zones have the native terrain of their corresponding town. The rest are generated with random terrain.
  • Guards can be accepted for free. 100% of group is accepted.
  • Anarchy mode is on: SoD shifted guards bug is un-fixed, certain objects can be accessible using Fly or Dimension Door spell without fighting the guards.
  • Banned heroes:
  • Allowed heroes:
  • Allowed artifacts:
  • Banned object:
  • Allowed objects:
  • Value of Spell Scrolls is reduced: 4th level spells — from 8000 to 4000, 5th level spells — from 10000 to 5000, Fly/Dimension Door/Town Portal — from 20000 to 5000. Maximum amount of these Scrolls is increased from 3/2/1 to 4.
  • Special weeks are allowed.
  • Combat round limit is 100.
  • Differences from SoD version:
    • Lower content value range is changed from 0–3000 to 100–3000 on all templates of the pack.
    • Connection 10–12 on the 6th template has the value changed from 12500 to 6000 (for the sake of symmetry).
  • Suggested rules and settings:


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