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Quite poor treasure-wise template, where the players start in underground level, and the surface consists of two large sand zones, separated by AI zones. In-zone guards are enhanced. There are no treasure zones whatsoever, but all zones have higher frequency of valuable objects. The template shows 3 sand zones per player, but, as they are connected with wide connections, 6 zones effectively turn into 2.


  • Map size: L+U.
  • Content types clarification:
    • 76 (player zones, AI zones and white zones): content types (100–3000, 9), (3000–6000, 6), (9000–15000, 3).
  • Starting player zones and AI zones are always located on the underground layer and have subterranean terrain. The rest are on the surface and have sand terrain.
  • Players and AI cannot select Necropolis as starting alignment. All neutral tows are Necropolises.
  • All Necropolis heroes are banned.
  • Allowed artifacts:
  • Banned objects:
  • Special weeks are disabled.
  • Combat round limit is 100.
  • Suggested rules and settings:

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