Era II + WoG

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The ERA Mod Manager with WoG converted into a mod.



Mod System[edit]

  • Easily installed and uninstalled mods with advanced compatibility and extensibility, plugins and patches, mod manager and plugin manager with GUI (by SyDr).


  • Game and mods are fully portable. No traditional installation process, registry problems or CD requirements (optional).

Advanced editor[edit]

  • Integrated patch by GrayFace with mod support, custom plugins for editor, etc.

Supplied mods[edit]

  • Yona (new battle hint, new creature abilities)
  • Fast Battle Animation (speeds-up sounds, pre-battle music, battle animation)
  • Secondary Skills Scrolling (no hidden skills, view up to 28 skills)
  • Lots of patches

Custom buttons[edit]

  • Object packs, colored texts, improved multiplayer, dozens of tweaks, etc.


  • Ability to use third-party plugins and patches.
  • Fix game and ERM scripting language bugs, make the development and debugging cycle for mods easier, make it easier to keep scripts compatibile with each other.
  • Extension of the ERM language with new commands and events.
  • Use of colored text in game dialogs.
  • Simplified mod installation.
  • Unification and standardization of game engine development.

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