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Kastore's portrait from Might and Magic VII

Kastore is an Elven sorcerer. While originally from the world of Terra, he is the ruler of Deyja and Burton Horn of the Abyss (see: Timeline). His early attempts focused on locating the mythical Ancients, but were later abandoned due to the lack of success. As the king of Deyja, the bulk of his new plans consisted of the renaissance of the Heavenly Forge. While he, or rather the men under his command, achieved some progress (such as the creation and mass-production of Dreadnoughts Horn of the Abyss), his schemes ultimately failed, primarily due to the Reckoning and Resurrectra's own initiatives (one of his former comrades from Terra), which prevented him from activating any of the Heavenly Forges.

He is featured as a supporting character in the Factory campaign Forged in Fire in Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss.