Movement penalty

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Terrain penalties with different levels of Pathfinding
Terrain None Basic Advanced Expert
Dirt (s).gif Dirt
Grass (s).gif Grass
Lava (s).gif Lava
Subterranean (s).gif Subterranean
Highlands (s).gif Highlands Horn of the Abyss
100% 100% 100% 100%
Rough (s).gif Rough
Wasteland (s).gif Wasteland Horn of the Abyss
125% 100% 100% 100%
Sand (s).gif Sand
Snow (s).gif Snow
150% 125% 100% 100%
Swamp (s).gif Swamp 175% 150% 125% 100%

Movement penalty is a term referring to the increased consumption of movement points when a hero moves on swamp, snow, sand, rough, or wasteland Horn of the Abyss terrain. With Pathfinding secondary skill it is possible to completely eliminate penalties from different terrains. Movement penalty will also be ignored if all creatures in the hero's army are native to that terrain. Additionally, roads negate all possible movement penalties.

Armageddon's Blade Having at least one Nomad in your army will remove the movement penalty for sand.

Horn of the Abyss Visiting a Trailblazer will cause the hero to only suffer 75% penalty on wasteland terrain for the rest of the week, removing the penalty and moving 25% farther.

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