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I'm pretty sure this analysis is missing something important: Offense and Archery increase BASE damage, while Armorer reduces TOTAL damage.

Say you have 1000 base damage, and enough attack to increase that by +100%, for 2000. Expert Offense would increase that to 2300, not 2600. Being faced with 2000 damage, Expert Armorer would decrease that 2000 to 1700, which is the same amount of damage decreased as Offense increased at this Attack level.

Level 6424[edit]

Is that really pertinent to include? So far as I know, reaching this level is only possible if you contrive a map just for it by making it so that an AI hero will get a ton of experience and then be defeated so that it can be recruited at the tavern. In normal gameplay conditions it cannot happen. Personally I've never even reached level 70 in normal situations, even in campaigns where you get to keep the same hero through all maps. --Turnam (talk) 09:55, 5 February 2024 (UTC)

  • Also worth pointing out that max level is 74 in HotA, fixed the overflow bugs. - Csaros (talk) 21:07, 5 February 2024 (UTC)
  • I have played many maps included heroes in level 6424 (or level 88, 868). These heroes often play the role of the ultimate enemies or interpret the plot, for example, lv6424 Tazar vs lv6424 Sandro for the last battle, or lv6424 Sandro only with a Gold Dragon, casted Armageddon, killed a hero owned by player with 2k Ghost Dragons, 3k Bone Dragons and 12k Skeletons, for the development of the plot. I just want to show the maximum values of the game, and it often appears on some very difficult maps. This value is unstable. If AI's hero gains more experience points at this level, it will lower the level to 0. If the player's hero gains more experience points at this level, it will continue to level up until the game crashes (the next available level is about level 30000, only human player can reach this level). --Sanust (talk) 05:07, 6 February 2024 (UTC)