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In game footage of the Thieves' Guild. Player has acquired four Taverns and thereby unlocked eight different statistics. (Note: five Taverns are required to see income statistics.)

Thieves' Guild is in-build part of the Tavern. It provides information on the relative strength of all the players and heroes. Each player is portrayed by a flag of their color which is placed further to the left depending on their rank regarding listed information. The information available in Thieves' Guilds are dependent on the number of Taverns a player controls.

Statistics Number of Taverns
0* 1 2 3 4 5
Number of towns X X X X X X
Number of heroes X X X X X X
Gold X X X X
Wood & ore X X X X
Mercury, sulfur, crystal & gems X X X
Obelisks Found X X X
Artifacts Found X X
Kingdom army strength X X
Income X
Best hero X** X*** X X X
Personality X X X
Best monster X X
* With no Taverns, a player can enter the Thieves' Guild through an ally's Tavern or an Adventure map Tavern
** Only portrait and name
*** Primary skills

Heroes stationed inside towns, are not included in the best hero category. However, this is not true in the strongest monster category.

Additionaly, the number of Taverns you own modifies what you can see when right-clicking an opponent's town/garrison on the adventure map:

  • If you have no Taverns, an opponent's town will appear to have no garrisoned creatures (an attack icon will still be shown).
  • With one Tavern, the creature stacks are shown but not their numbers.
  • With two Taverns, the creature stacks and their approximate numbers are shown.

HD mod[edit]

Thieves' Guild's information can be checked by pressing 'G' hotkey without even opening a town window.

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