Anti-Magic Garrison

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Horizontal Anti-Magic Garrison Vertical Anti-Magic Garrison
Horizontal and vertical anti-magic garrisons as seen on the Adventure Map.

Anti-Magic Garrison is a defensive location on the Adventure Map, generally used to guard a terrain ‘bottleneck’ on a map.

Up to seven stacks of creatures can be deposited in a Garrison. Players owning the Garrison, and allies, can travel through it without fighting the Garrison's force. However, an enemy must first defeat the Garrison's force before they can pass it. Heroes cannot occupy a Garrison.

With the exception of the Anti-Magic Garrison, Garrisons do not give special defenses like walls, moats, or arrow towers. Anti-Magic Garrisons, as their name suggest, prevent all spell casting by heroes or spellcasting creatures during combat there, as well as casting of adventure spells when standing on the Garrison tile.

However, effects of combination artifacts like Armor of the Damned or Angelic Alliance will still work.

Check Box: Troops Are Removable

Removing troops from any Garrison is allowed by default, but can be unchecked to ensure that the creatures stay in the Garrison. If the map-editor does not want a player, human or computer to take the troops from a particular Garrison, then the map-editor can simply uncheck this box and the troops will remain there until they die in a combat. New troops can be put into such a Garrison by a player, but can't be removed once added.

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