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C Angelic Alliance
m Blackshard of the Dead Knight
t Centaur's Axe
m Greater Gnoll's Flail
M Ogre's Club of Havoc
m Red Dragon Flame Tongue
M Sword of Hellfire
R Sword of Judgement
R Titan's Gladius
C Titan's Thunder
R Armageddon's BladeArmageddon's Blade
C Ironfist of the Ogre Horn of the Abyss
M Trident of Dominion Horn of the Abyss
Angelic Alliance
Artifact Angelic Alliance.gif Class: relic
Slot: weapon
Blocks: head,
Cost: 84000 Gold
Effect: Allows Rampart, Tower, Fortress, Stronghold and Castle creatures to be mixed without a morale penalty, for the player (all the creatures of good and neutral alignments in HotAHorn of the Abyss. Casts expert Prayer at the start of combat.
Component effect: +21 to all primary skills.
Requires to combine:
Armor of WonderArmor of Wonder
Celestial Necklace of BlissCelestial Necklace of Bliss
Helm of Heavenly EnlightenmentHelm of Heavenly Enlightenment
Lion's Shield of CourageLion's Shield of Courage
Sandals of the SaintSandals of the Saint
Sword of JudgementSword of Judgement
Angelic Alliance artifact.gif You trip over the Angelic Alliance, dust it off, and stick it in your pack.                                                                              

Angelic Alliance is a relic class combination artifact and is equipped in the weapon slot. Combination artifacts were first added in the Shadow of Death expansion.

In addition to the regular bonuses (a total of +21 to all primary skills), the Angelic Alliance allows the player army to include creatures from towns of good and neutral alignment while retaining the +1 morale bonus, as if they were all from one faction. In the original game Shadow of Death, Conflux units cannot be included as they prevent the morale bonus. In Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss both Conflux and Cove units can be included in the army while retaining the morale bonus. Note that neutral creatures do not count as neutrally aligned for any purpose. While the artifact is equipped, the before mentioned factions, which have the morale bonus, are considered to be one faction. Adding evil units, neutral creatures, or Conflux units (the latter not in Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss) prevents the morale bonus, but units from good and neutral alignment towns are still considered to be the same faction. For example, having units from Castle, Tower, and Inferno gives no morale bonus or penalty as if the hero had units of just two factions.

At the beginning of each combat (when a creature stack first becomes active), the Angelic Alliance will cast Expert Prayer for 10 rounds. Angelic Alliance gives the highest boosts to primary skills out of any combination artifact in the game, handily outclassing even Power of the Dragon Father despite filling fewer artifact slots (6, as opposed to 9 for Power of the Dragon Father).

Requires the following artifacts to create:

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

The mixed alignment morale penalty removal effect now affects both Conflux and Cove units. As both of these factions are neutral, the Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss developers decided to add them to the list of towns affected by and included in the alliance.

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The Angelic Alliance is the most expensive artifact in Shadow of Death.