Wandering creature

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Text Range
Few 1–4
Several 5–9
Pack 10–19
Lots 20–49
Horde 50–99
Throng 100–249
Swarm 250–499
Zounds 500–999
Legion 1000–4000

Wandering creatures (or sometimes monsters or neutral armies/stacks) is a term for the creatures standing on the Adventure Map. The type of the creatures can be totally random, restricted by creature level or be specifically defined by the map-maker. If the creature is non-upgraded, there can be also upgraded creatures included in the battle, but not the other way round. Since they only contain one type of creatures, they always have +1 morale unless they are undead, elementals, or other creatures unaffected by morale.

The number of creatures in a wandering creature encounter can be set between 1–4000. If an exact number is not defined, the amount is randomly generated between 1–99 (or in other word, between few and horde) depending on the level of the creatures. The number of creatures in wandering creatures grows by 10% on the first day of every week, but cannot exceed the limit of 4000 creatures.

The number of creature stacks on the battlefield, is basically dependent on the ratio between the attacking hero's army strength and the strength of the wandering creatures. The rule of thumb is, that the stronger the hero's army is, the less stacks there are on the battlefield. However, every tile on the map influences the number of stacks in a fixed way.

Relative strength (%) Stacks
< 50 % 6–7
50...< 67 % 5–7
67...< 100 % 4–6
100...< 150 % 3–5
150...< 200 % 2–4
200 % or more 1–3