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List of undead creatures

Undead as a term refers to beings that are deceased and yet behave as if alive. Undead defines a creature type, which shares a similar set of special abilities. All undead are unaffected by Morale, and they are immune to all Mind Spells (except Forgetfulness, fixed in  Horn of the AbyssHorn of the Abyss) as well as Bless, Curse, Death Ripple, Resurrection and Sacrifice spells. Immunity to Berserk, Frenzy (for friendly units except hypnotized), and Hypnotize can be negated if a hero equips Orb of Vulnerability. Undead units can be resurrected by the Animate Dead spell. All morale-affected units suffer -1 Morale when fighting together with the undead.

All the creatures of Necropolis town are undead. Additionally, Mummy is also an undead creature.

Immunities of Undead
Creature Special Abilities Mind spells Other spells
Azure Dragon Azure Dragons' Fear
Ghost Dragon Ghost Dragons' Aging
Lich Liches' Death cloud
Mighty Gorgon Mighty Gorgons' Death stare
Pit Lord Pit Lords' Summon demons
Power Lich Power Liches' Death cloud
Vampire Lord Vampire Lords' Life drain
Wyvern Monarch Wyvern Monarchs' Poison
Zombie Zombies' Disease
Horn of the Abyss (artifact)Horn of the Abyss artifact's effect Horn of the Abyss

Undead are the only creatures susceptible to the following spells:

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