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Growth (also creature growth) typically refers to an increase of creatures in creature dwellings in towns. Growth occurs at the first day of each week (beyond the first). The amount of growth depends on several factors but mainly from the level of the creature; the growth reduces as the level of the creature increases.

Every creature type has a basic growth rate, which represents the weekly increase without any modifiers. The basic growth rate for creatures from level one to four (low-tier) depends on the creature type, but for levels five to seven (high-tier) the basic growth rate is three, two and one (respectively). However, Armageddon's Blade expansion introduced Conflux which growth rates for high-tier level creatures deviate from this rule.

Growth takes place on the first day of every week in every creature dwelling as well as in the external dwellings found on the Adventure Map. In town dwellings the new recruits are added (if any are left) to troops already available in the town, but with external dwellings the reservoir cannot exceed the number of basic growth rate. This means that if the troops are not hired from the external dwelling, no new recruits will be available which in a way leads to "losses".

The growth rate in towns can be increased with a Citadel, a Castle, or a town specific horde building. A Grail building also increases the growth, and there are different horde buildings that can significantly affect the growth rate of the creature type. Every flagged external dwelling increases the growth rate of the same creature type (including the upgraded types) by one. Additionally, parts of legion artifacts (e.g Head of Legion) or Statue of Legion combination artifact can affect the growth. It should be noted, that Citadel, Castle and Statue of Legion only multiply the basic growth rate, before any other bonuses; on the contrary, the Grail bonus is applied last and so is affected by all other modifiers.

Special weeks and months[edit]

At the beginning of each week or each month, a special week or a special month can occur, which can significantly affect the growth of certain creatures. Essentially, special weeks have a 25% probability (other 75% are for the weeks of (non-game creatures) Aardvarks, Badgers and so on) and increase a certain creature type's growth by +5, while special month (40% probability) doubles the amount of available creatures for the first week of the month (this week's growth included). External dwellings are not affected by these special weeks or months. Additionally, a special case is plague (10% probability), which is one of special months and thus can only occur on the first day of the month.

A special effect of Deity of Fire – the Grail building of Inferno – is that every week/month is The Week/Month of Imp and population of Imps and/or Familiars are increased by 15 in addition to normal growth. At the first day of the month, Imps will be spawned on the map (from 40 to 100 in a troop), but the amount of Imps in town dwellings will not be doubled.

If growth is increased by 5, it appears to only increase the base creature type - like Gorgons +5 only increases Gorgons, not the upgraded Mighty Gorgons. And Black Dragons +5 only increases Black Dragons, not Red Dragons.

In a special month, any free tile except water has a 0,5% chance for a title creature troop to appear.

Restoration of Erathia special months:

Town Creature Level Amount
Pikeman Pikemen 1 40-100
Centaur Centaurs 1 40-100
Dwarf Dwarves 2 32-60
Pegasus Pegasi 4 20-40
Unicorn Unicorns 6 10-24
Stone Gargoyle Stone Gargoyles 2 32-60
Vampire Vampires 4 20-40
Lich Liches 5 16-32
Wolf Rider Wolf Riders 2 32-60
Ogre Ogres 4 20-40
Cyclops Cyclopses 6 10-24
Roc Rocs 5 16-32

Armageddon's Blade and Shadow of Death special months:

Town Creature Level Amount
Griffin Griffins 3 24-50
Centaur Centaurs 1 40-100
Pegasus Pegasi 4 20-40
Gremlin Gremlins 1 40-100
Gog Gogs 2 32-60
Troglodyte Troglodytes 1 40-100
Harpy Harpies 2 32-60
Wight Wights 3 24-50
Hobgoblin Hobgoblins 1+ 40-60
Wolf Rider Wolf Riders 2 32-60
Lizardman Lizardmen 2 32-60
Serpent Fly Serpent Flies 3 24-50

In Horn of the Abyss, three more creatures were added to this list:

Town Creature Level Amount
Sprite Sprites 1+ 40-60
Crew Mate Crew Mates Horn of the Abyss 2 32-60
Stormbird Stormbirds Horn of the Abyss 4 20-40

Additional Information[edit]

Astrologers also proclaim weeks and months of:

Weeks (75% probability)
Aardvark Badger Condor
Dog Eagle Gopher
Hedgehog Lizard Mongoose
Rabbit Rat Raven
Squirrel Tortoise Weasel
Months (50% probability)
Ant Beetle Bumblebee
Butterfly Earthworm Grasshopper
Hornet Ladybug Locust

Other meanings for growth[edit]

Growth for wandering stacks is 10% per week. If the stack begins with 15 creatures then next week the number is 16 (15+10%=16.5 rounded down). After two weeks count is 18 (16.5+10%=18.15) and in another week it is 19 (18.15+10%=19.965) etc.