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Starting a Custom Campaign:





From the Main Menu, click New Game

Click Campaign

Click Custom

Click the Campaign you wish to play

Note: Custom campaigns must be stored in the Maps subdirectory of Heroes III.

Starting a Single Scenario Game:

1. From the Main Menu, click New Game

2. Click Single Scenario

3. Select the Scenario and as detailed in the Heroes III Restoration of Erathia manual,

pages 9-11.

Note: You can now sort the list by map version (Restoration of Erathia or Armageddon's Blade).

Note: If you select a scenario from the original Heroes III: The Restoration of Erathia with the

Armageddon's Blade CD in your CD-ROM drive, any of the new creatures, towns or heroes from this

expansion may appear on the map. If you do not want to use the new creatures, towns or heroes, you

must run the original Heroes III by inserting the Heroes III CD and/or running Heroes III from the

Start menu.

Sort the list by map

type (Restoration of

Erathia or

Armageddon's Blade)

Generate a

Random Map