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Spell is a term for the form of forces of magic, that heroes use to aid their journey. Typically heroes use spells to aid their travels, reveal hidden knowledge about their surroundings, or in combat to help their troops or bring harm to their adversaries. Before heroes can cast spells, they must possess a spell book. The spell book is where the hero records the learned spells. Spell books can be bought from Mage Guilds for 500 Gold. They cannot be traded between heroes, but the Scholar skill allows heroes to teach each other spells.

Each spell has a level which represents how difficult it is to cast. Higher level spells are usually only obtainable by heroes with higher Wisdom secondary skill. Heroes without Wisdom can only learn 1st and 2nd level spells, while Wisdom enables them to learn 3rd, 4th and 5th level spells depending on the level of the skill. When heroes visit a town with a Mage Guild, they automatically learn any unknown spells to them the guild has to offer and their wisdom rating allows them to cast. Heroes may also learn spells as they explore map locations (e.g. Shrine of Magic Incantation). Each spell belongs to one of the four schools of magic: Air, Earth, Fire, or Water, or all of them.

Heroes may learn the Air Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic and Water Magic secondary skills to increase the effectiveness at which they cast the spells of each school. Heroes without such expertise may cast a school's spells at a basic level (resulting in the same effect as the basic level spell). Additionally, holding an expertise in a school enables hero to cast spells at the reduced cost. The reduction depends on spell level, as can be seen from the table on the right. This cost reduction is the same regardless of whether a hero holds the skill at basic, advanced, or expert level.

Cost reduction
 Lvl 1   Lvl 2   Lvl 3   Lvl 4   Lvl 5 
-1 -2 -3 -4 -5

Spells cost spell points to cast. A hero's maximum spell points are equal to 10 times their Knowledge skill. As a hero casts spells, their spell points are diminished. A hero cannot cast a spell costing more spell points than he or she has available. Each hero regains one spell point per day, or can be completely replenished when he or she starts a new day in a town with a mage guild or visits a magic well on the Adventure Map. Heroes with the Mysticism skill regain spell points more rapidly, heroes with the Intelligence skill get a bonus to their maximum spell points.

In the hero's spell book, spells are listed by the school and divided into combat spells and adventure spells. Combat spells can only be cast during combat while adventure spells can only be cast while wandering on the Adventure Map.

Hero casting animations
 Male Knight   Female Knight   Male Cleric   Female Cleric   Male Ranger   Female Ranger   Male Druid   Female Druid 
 Male Alchemist   Female Alchemist   Male Wizard   Female Wizard   Male Demoniac   Female Demoniac   Male Heretic   Female Heretic 
 Male Death Knight   Female Death Knight   Male Necromancer   Female Necromancer   Male Overlord   Female Overlord   Male Warlock   Female Warlock 
 Male Barbarian   Female Barbarian   Male Battle Mage   Female Battle Mage   Beastmaster   Witch 
 Male Planeswalker   Female Planeswalker   Male Elementalist   Female Elementalist   Male Captain   Female Captain   Male Navigator   Female Navigator 
 Male Mercenary   Female Mercenary   Male Artificer   Female Artificer 

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Very subjectively, levels of spells can be ranked as following:

  • Level 1. Basic and essential spells like Slow, Haste, Bless, Curse etc. which work effectively all the way during the whole gameplay regardless of the map size. If the scenario can be completed in 1-2 weeks, there is a few possibility to learn high level spells (and to collect resources to build even 2nd level Mage Guild), while the debut may depend large on the spells you got on the 1st level of Mage Guild.
  • Level 2. Blind is essential as you may resurrect your whole army using it, and there are also Precision or Weakness which work pretty decent, good damage spells which are useful in the mid-game, as well as Scuttle Boat which may sometimes be a big tactical move (sinking your own boats as well as enemy ones). In Necropolis, Death Ripple is useful in early game, especially against wandering monsters. However, besides Blind, nothing of this is imbalance, and some Level 2 spells (Fortune, Quick Sand, Remove Obstacle) are useless in most situations.
  • Level 3. There are no spells which make a big effect on the game, with the exception of Animate Dead in Necropolis. Many 3rd level spells (Destroy Undead, Force Field, Hypnotize, Anti-Magic, Teleport, Earthquake) work brilliant in specific situations but are expensive and not universal. For example, expert Forgetfulness is very useful against wandering shooters, but won't help against enemy hero army as usually there aren't many ranged stacks. 3rd level damage spells are not the best in the game, and Mirth and Misfortune are completely useless. It means that on small maps, or on maps without any towns besides Stronghold and Fortress, Wisdom isn't always an essential secondary skill, and if you cannot acquire 4-5 level Mage Guild, 3rd level also may be unnecessary.
  • Level 4. Imba spells like Armageddon, Berserk, Resurrection, and Town Portal are here. Moreover 4th level has spells which deal heavy mass damage (Meteor Shower, Inferno, Chain Lightning). There are only two 4th level spells in the Mage Guild (three in Tower with Library), and on large maps, one may get Town Portal and Resurrection, and the other one may get Slayer and Sorrow, which may become crucial for the result of the game.
  • Level 5. Fly and Dimension Door are possibly the most mighty spells in the game alongside with Town Portal. Implosion deals enormous damage. However, other spells are not that useful. Summoning Elementals may work brilliant in good hands, and it deserves its cost and level (otherwise, you could easy learn one of these spells and summon legions of Elementals in every combat), but still it isn't a big breakthrough in most situations.

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