Dragon Fly Hive

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Dragon Fly Hive
Dragon Fly Hive.gif
% Guards Content XP
 30 % 
Dragon Fly
4x Wyverns
 30 % 
Dragon Fly
6x Wyverns
 30 % 
Dragon Fly
8x Wyverns
 10 % 
Dragon Fly
12x Wyverns
Visiting scheme
Dragon Fly Hive (vs).png
You have found a Dragon Fly Hive. Do you wish to attack the guards?
* * *
You have found what once was a Dragon Fly Hive, but it has been deserted for some time.

Dragon Fly Hive is an adventure map location, and commonly known as one of the creature banks. It is guarded by 30–90 Dragon Flies. As a reward for defeating the Dragon Flies, 4, 6, 8 or 12 Wyverns will join the hero's army. The more Dragon Flies there are, the more Wyverns will join.

Grid-cb 1.gif

The guards are divided into five stacks of 6/9/12/18 Dragon Flies (red hexes) and attack in alphabetic order: from A to E. Horn of the Abyss In Horn of the Abyss, the object's level can be preset by a map-maker.

The hero's troops are located in blue hexes 1-7 (a tail hex for two-hexed creatures) according to stack positioning in the army slots 1-7. But if the hero has less than 7 stacks, e.g. 3, they will be placed in hexes 1-3 no matter how they were placed in the army slots.

Though war machines are not present on the battlefield, the infinite shots effect from Ammo Cart is active.

Slain enemies do not respawn (should the hero retreat or be defeated). The damaged stack's losses will not be redistributed among the others. If a stack was destroyed, it changes the guards disposition. Its place on the battlefield will be taken by the next one in the attacking order. (E.g.: If A stack was destroyed, B stack takes its place, C stack takes the freshly vacated place of B and so on).

Guards preview[edit]

The table shows how to pre-check the guard strength of an object without attacking it.

Guards Stacks Guards preview
30 %: Dragon Fly x30 6 x5 lots (20-49) of Dragon Flies
30 %: Dragon Fly x45 9 x5
30 %: Dragon Fly x60 12 x5 horde (50-99) of Dragon Flies
10 %: Dragon Fly x90 18 x5

Default settings for random map generator[edit]

  • Terrain: any dry land.
  • Value: 9000.
  • Density: 100.

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