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One of the most popular mirror templates. This template follows a simple gameplan: starting zone > secondary town zone > treasure zone. Treasure zones contain rich rewards, but are often small and lack the most valuable treasures, like Relic artifacts. Connection guards are considered difficult on the first week, but starting from the second week they become an easy goal, thus letting players to pass them and get in contact with their opponents. Although, early contact is not guaranteed due to complicated map topology, so players are forced to clear the treasure zones and conduct spell research, as on XL+U maps. This template is considered to be among the most balanced ones.


  • Map size: L+U.
  • Content types clarification:
    • 58 (player zones and white zones): content types (100–3000, 12), (3000–6000, 6), (10000–15000, 1).
    • 244 (gold zones): content types (6000–8999, 9), (10000–17000, 9), (17000–20000, 3).
  • Mirror template. Underground is generated exactly similar to surface level. Zone content on the surface and in the underground is also the same.
  • Zones 1–4 and their mirror copies have the native terrain of their corresponding town. Zones 5–10 and their mirror copies are generated with random terrain.
  • Banned heroes:
  • Special weeks are disabled.
  • Combat round limit is 100.
  • Suggested rules and settings:

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