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Alamar the Warlock
Basic information:
Alamar Class: Warlock
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alamar served Archibald Ironfist during the Succession Wars, and was barely able to escape Enroth following Archibald's defeat. He has since taken up residence in Nighon where he secretly serves the Dungeon Overlords.
Specialty: Resurrection
Specialty Resurrection Casts Resurrection with increased effect, based on his level compared to the level of the target unit.
Starting primary skills:
Attack 0 Defense 0 Spell Power 3 Knowledge 2
Starting secondary skills:
Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom
Basic Scholar  Basic Scholar
Starting troops:
Troglodyte Troglodyte 30–40 Always
Harpy Harpy 4–6 88%
Beholder Beholder 3–4 25%
Starting troops Horn of the Abyss:
Troglodyte Troglodyte 20-30 Always
Harpy Harpy 6-8 Always
Beholder Beholder 3–4 Always
Starting spell:
Resurrection Resurrection
Starting movement points:

Alamar the Warlock is a Dungeon hero. Alamar starts with a spell book and the spell Resurrection.

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Alamar has Resurrection as a starting spell, which is one of most powerful spells in the game. This fact makes Alamar a valuable hero for all factions except Necropolis. In addition, Alamar starts with Scholar and Wisdom, which is a useful combination, that makes him a "walking Mage Guild" quickly. Three level-ups is minimum for Alamar to have Expert Scholar and Advanced Wisdom, which enables him to teach fourth level spells (including his Resurrection) to any hero capable of learning them.

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