Mt Antares

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This is a mirror template for early contacts and quick expansion. It is topologically close to mt_Andromeda, but the gameplay differs greatly. Treasure zones are small and not so rich, cannot contain Relic artifacts as well.


  • Map size: L+U.
  • Content types clarification:
    • 55 (player zones, AI zones and white zones): content types (500–3000, 9), (3000–6000, 6), (10000–15000, 1).
  • 133 (silver zones): content types (3000–6000, 9), (10000–15000, 6), (15000–20000, 1).
  • Mirror template. Underworld is generated exactly similar to surface level. Zone content on the surface and in the Underworld is also the same.
  • Player zones and AI zones and have the native terrain of their corresponding town. The rest are generated with random terrain.
  • All connections have obligatory roads.
  • Banned heroes:
  • Special weeks are disabled.
  • Combat round limit is 100.
  • Suggested rules and settings:

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