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This template is a mirror variant of Diamond template. Each player has 3 easy passages to the treasure zones on their own level and one difficult passage to the treasure zone on opponent's level. AI zones are located between the treasure zones. Treasure zones content varies from unguarded gold, as well as some other small rewards, to the objects of immense value, like Relic artifacts. Road network is enhanced, compared to Diamond's


  • Map size: L+U.
  • Content types clarification:
    • 58 (player zones and AI zones): content types (100–3000, 12), (3000–6000, 6), (10000–15000, 1).
    • 219 (gold zones): content types (100–3000, 9), (9000–20000, 9), (20000–30000, 3).
  • Mirror template. Underground is generated exactly similar to surface level. Zone content on the surface and in the underground is also the same.
  • Zones 1–4 and their mirror copies have the native terrain of their corresponding town. Zones 5–8 and their mirror copies are generated with random terrain.
  • Different towns of the same zone are allowed to have different alignments.
  • Non-coherent road networks are allowed inside all zones.
  • Banned heroes:
  • Special weeks are disabled.
  • Combat round limit is 100.
  • Suggested rules and settings:

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