Elemental Conflux

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Not to be confused with the Conflux town.

Elemental Conflux as seen on the Adventure Map

The Elemental Conflux is a dwelling for the four basic, unupgraded Elementals: the Air, Water, Fire and Earth Elementals. It has 12 Earth Elementals as guards, which is more than usual guard of level 5 External Dwelling, but follows an average dwelling guard scheme: basic growth x 3.

Though Elemental Conflux allows hiring all four basic Elementals, it gives +1 weekly town growth bonus to Air/Storm Elementals only.

Creatures available in Elemental Conflux:

Restoration of Erathia[edit]

In Restoration of Erathia the dwelling was not guarded, and allowed to hire just 3 elementals of each type per week (the only neutral creatures except for Gold and Diamond Golems).

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

Now increases the growth of all four elementals in towns.

Flag was added to the appearance:

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