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Forge town was a town type planned for Armageddon's Blade. It was based on a mix of technology and the Might & Magic universe, and had Goblins, Zombies, people and other "borrowed" creatures using among other things chainsaws, guns, jetpacks, and rocket launchers. However, it was scrapped in the end and replaced with Conflux town (which was supposed to appear later, in Shadow of Death) – due to protests from the fans.

The Forge in the lore[edit]

The Heavenly Forge itself was created by the Ancients, a futuristic race that exists in the HOMM and MM universe, presumably the creators of the races -- of the world. However, after the intergalactic web that connected the Ancients' worlds was heavily damaged by the alien race Kreegans, the Ancients lost connection with many of their worlds and the Heavenly Forge remained inactive on Enroth for many years.

In the events of Might and Magic 7, if you were to take the evil route (supposedly the canonical one), Kastore and his necromantic cult got hold of the Heavenly Forge and started using it as a 3D replicator to create equipment and everything needed to assemble a futuristic army to take over Enroth. In the end, Gelu, Catherine and Roland were supposed to take the Armageddon's Blade out of the Ancients' vault, the Varn 1904 Vault, and then use it to destroy the Heavenly Forge itself, an event to automatically destroy every evidence of the Forge's existence.


While being stronger than the units of the same level, the Forge troops would be produced in lower quantities and also some of the non-level 7 units would cost special resources to hire. Out of all Forge troops, only the 3 first lower tier troops and their upgrades were showcased in-game. However, their line-up was already public, containing:

Level 1: Grunt/Foot soldier (Goblins with pistols)

Level 2: Cyber-dead/Cyber-zombie (Zombies with chainsaws and circular saws)

Level 3: Pyro/Pyromaniac (Humans with a flamethrower in hands, their torso revealed)

Level 4: Stinger/Bruiser (Ogres with rocket launchers)

Level 5: Jump soldier/Jump trooper (Minotaurs with jetpacks)

Level 6: Tank/Heavy tank (Nagas with their lower part as tanks and their upper part naked)

Level 7: Juggernaut/Dreadnought (According to one of the HoMM3 developers, it would have been similar to the Dragon Golem from the next game, HoMM4)

Out of these, artworks for all of them except the level 5 and level 7 troops were made public.


The supposed structure of the town, together with the showcased units:


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