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Horn of the Abyss Only available when the unofficial expansion, Horn of the Abyss, is installed.
Adventure Map Cove capitol (HotA).gif
Fully built Cove, as seen on the adventure map
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Cove Cove Horn of the Abyss

Cove is a neutral alignment town with the captain and navigator hero classes. Cove armies are composed of pirates, smugglers, and thieves, as well as those with whom they have forged alliances. Cove represents Regna.

Cove's native terrain is swamp.

Cove creature dwellings[edit]

Cove specific buildings[edit]

  • Pub - Horde building which increases crew mate and seaman growth by +4 per week.
  • Roost - Horde building which increases stormbird and ayssid growth by +3 per week.
  • Grotto - Allows the guest hero to sacrifice creatures or artifacts, gaining experience.
  • Thieves' Guild - Opens 2 additional levels of information in Thieves' Guild, provides towns and garrisons information on enemy towns.
  • Shipyard - Enables town to build a boat. Can only be built if town is adjacent to water.
  • Lodestar - Grail building of Cove. Brings 5000 gold per day, multiplies the growth of creatures by 1.5 per week (rounded down). Makes any terrain native to Cove (movement without penalty, +1 to attack, defense and speed, see and ignore mines and see quicksand). Cove's siege remains on swamp.

Cove building tree[edit]

Fully upgraded Cove
Resource Basic Upgrades All
Gold 37300 31500 91300
Wood 75 40 190
Ore 61 30 141
Crystal 7 16 37
Gem 2 11 27
Mercury 0 9 23
Sulfur 10 34 58
Troop cost/week: 29935 Gold + 4 Sulfur

Common buildings[edit]

Halls Fortifications Tavern, Marketplace & Resource Silo Mage Guilds Banned spells
Village Hall Village Hall Fort Fort Tavern Tavern Mage Guild level 1 Mage Guild
level 1
Cove Town Hall large.gif Town Hall Citadel Citadel Marketplace Marketplace Mage Guild level 2 Mage Guild
level 2
Death RippleBlind
City Hall City Hall Castle Castle Resource Silo Resource Silo
Produces +1 Sulfur
Mage Guild level 3 Mage Guild
level 3
Animate Dead
Capitol Capitol Blacksmith
Mage Guild level 4 Mage Guild
level 4


Cove heroes
Name Class Specialty Skill 1 Skill 2 Spell
Anabel Anabel Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Pirates small.gif  Pirates Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Basic Archery  Basic Archery 
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Nymphs small.gif  Nymphs Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics 
Corkes Corkes Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Offense small.gif  Offense Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Basic Pathfinding  Basic Pathfinding 
Derek Derek Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Crew Mates small.gif  Crew Mates Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Basic Leadership  Basic Leadership 
Elmore Elmore Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Navigation small.gif  Navigation Advanced Navigation  Advanced Navigation   
Illor Illor Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Stormbirds small.gif  Stormbirds Basic Armorer  Basic Armorer  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics 
Jeremy Jeremy Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Cannon small.gif  Cannon Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Basic Artillery  Basic Artillery 
Leena Leena Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Gold small.gif  Gold Basic Pathfinding  Basic Pathfinding  Basic Estates  Basic Estates 
Miriam Miriam Horn of the Abyss  Captain  Specialty Scouting small.gif  Scouting Basic Logistics  Basic Logistics  Basic Scouting  Basic Scouting 
Bidley Bidley Horn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom)  Captain  Specialty Sea Dogs small.gif  Sea Dogs Advanced Offense  Advanced Offense   
Tark Tark Horn of the Abyss (Campaign/Custom)  Captain  Specialty Nix small.gif  Nix Basic Offense  Basic Offense  Basic Armorer  Basic Armorer 
Andal Andal Horn of the Abyss  Navigator  Specialty Crystal small.gif  Crystal Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Pathfinding  Basic Pathfinding  Slow small.png Slow 
Astra Astra Horn of the Abyss  Navigator  Specialty Cure small.gif  Cure Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Luck  Basic Luck  Cure small.png Cure 
Casmetra Casmetra Horn of the Abyss  Navigator  Specialty Sea Witches small.gif  Sea Witches Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Water Magic  Basic Water Magic  Dispel small.png Dispel 
Dargem Dargem Horn of the Abyss  Navigator  Specialty Air Shield small.gif  Air Shield Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Tactics  Basic Tactics  Air Shield small.png Air Shield 
Eovacius Eovacius Horn of the Abyss  Navigator  Specialty Clone small.gif  Clone Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Intelligence  Basic Intelligence  Clone small.png Clone 
Manfred Manfred Horn of the Abyss  Navigator  Specialty Fireball small.gif  Fireball Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Fire Magic  Basic Fire Magic  Fireball small.png Fireball 
Spint Spint Horn of the Abyss  Navigator  Specialty Sorcery small.gif  Sorcery Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Sorcery  Basic Sorcery  Bless small.png Bless 
Zilare Zilare Horn of the Abyss  Navigator  Specialty Forgetfulness small.gif  Forgetfulness Basic Wisdom  Basic Wisdom  Basic Interference  Basic Interference  Forgetfulness small.png Forgetfulness 

Banned secondary skills[edit]

Some skills are not available for certain hero classes, which means they can only acquire them from Scholars, Witch Huts (except for Necromancy and Leadership, if not allowed by a map-maker), Seer's Huts, Events or Pandora's Boxes.

Neither Cove hero classes can learn Necromancy Necromancy.


Cove creatures
Name  Town Lvl Att Def D- D+ HP Spd Grw Val Cost  Special
Nymph Nymph Town portrait Cove small.gif 1 5 2 1 2 4 6 16 57 35 Gold   Teleporting, Immune to ice
Oceanid Oceanid Town portrait Cove small.gif 1+ 6 2 1 3 4 8 16 75 45 Gold   Teleporting, Immune to ice
Crew Mate Crew Mate Town portrait Cove small.gif 2 7 4 2 4 15 5 9 155 110 Gold  
Seaman Seaman Town portrait Cove small.gif 2+ 8 6 3 4 15 6 9 174 140 Gold  
Pirate Pirate Town portrait Cove small.gif 3 8 6 3 7 15 6 7 312 225 Gold   Ranged (4 shots), No melee penalty
Corsair Corsair Town portrait Cove small.gif 3+ 10 8 3 7 15 7 7 407 275 Gold   Ranged (4 shots), No melee penalty, No enemy retaliation
Sea Dog Sea Dog Town portrait Cove small.gif 3++ 12 11 3 7 15 8 7 602 375 Gold   Ranged (12 shots), No melee penalty, No enemy retaliation, Accurate Shot
Stormbird Stormbird Town portrait Cove small.gif 4 10 8 6 9 30 9 4 502 275 Gold   Flying
Ayssid Ayssid Town portrait Cove small.gif 4+ 11 8 6 10 30 11 4 645 325 Gold   Flying, Ferocity
Sea Witch Sea Witch Town portrait Cove small.gif 5 12 7 10 14 35 6 3 790 515 Gold   Ranged (12 shots), Casts Weakness / Disrupting Ray
Sorceress Sorceress Town portrait Cove small.gif 5+ 12 9 10 16 35 7 3 852 565 Gold   Ranged (12 shots), Casts Weakness / Disrupting Ray
Nix Nix Town portrait Cove small.gif 6 13 16 18 22 80 6 2 1415 1000 Gold   Ignores 30% of enemy attack value
Nix Warrior Nix Warrior Town portrait Cove small.gif 6+ 14 17 18 22 90 7 2 2116 1300 Gold   Ignores 60% of enemy attack value
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent Town portrait Cove small.gif 7 22 16 30 55 180 9 1 3953 2200 Gold , 1 Sulfur   Poisonous
Haspid Haspid Town portrait Cove small.gif 7+ 29 20 30 55 300 12 1 7220 4000 Gold , 2 Sulfur   Poisonous, Revenge

User commentary

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Cove's strategy revolves around offensive powers, with troops having excellent attacking skills and Nix and Nix Warriors acting as tanks.


  • 2 fast ranged attackers, with very nice specials.
  • Strong and offensive units. (Cove units have the highest attack ratings of all towns creatures.)
  • Only town with access to the powerful cannon.
  • Native terrain is swamp, which makes it hard for other units to traverse.


  • Fastest creature is Haspid with speed 12.
  • Units and heroes relatively low on defence.
  • Only 2 fragile flying units.
  • Mage Guild is limited to level 4.

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