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Good vs. Evil Hate
Angel Angels
Archangel Archangels
Devil Devils
Arch Devil Arch Devils
Genie Genies
Master Genie Master Genies
Efreeti Efreetii
Efreet Sultan Efreet Sultans
Titan Titans Black Dragon Black Dragons
Effect: +50% Damage
Elemental Damage Bonus
Air Elemental Air Elementals
Storm Elemental Storm Elementals
Earth Elemental Earth Elementals
Magma Elemental Magma Elementals
Water Elemental Water Elementals
Ice Elemental Ice Elementals
Fire Elemental Fire Elementals
Energy Elemental Energy Elementals
Effect: +100% Damage

Hate is a special ability of creatures, which causes attacking unit to "burn with anger" and deal 50% more base damage (see damage calculation) to a creature type it hates.

Angels-Devils and Genies-Efreet rivalries involve both basic and upgraded versions of creatures. However, Giants and Red Dragons do not hate anyone. Only Titans and Black Dragons hate each other.

Breath attack of Black Dragons does 150% damage on Titans if they attacked another stack, and Titans are behind it. Even if Titans are allied to Black Dragons, the latter will deal additional damage if they attack their own Titans by mistake.

If in the same army there are creatures hating each other, it doesn't spoil their normal functioning. Hate doesn't affect morale, and Devils/Archdevils will even get +1 morale if they are alongside Angels/Archangels - while there won't be morale bonus for all troops from the same faction. It doesn't prevent units from spreading their magic abilities on hated allies (i.e Archangels may resurrect Devils and Archdevils, and Master Genies may cast spells on any type of Efreet, aside from those ones to which Efreet are immune). If you have creatures with hate ability, their enemies may still join your army if it is strong enough or if you have appropriate Diplomacy skill. Generally, hate is just a simple damage modifier applied before the attack, and nothing more.