Fire Elemental and Energy Elemental

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Conflux creatures
Level 1
Pixie Pixie
Sprite Sprite
Level 2
Air Elemental Air Elemental
Storm Elemental Storm Elemental
Level 3
Water Elemental Water Elemental
Ice Elemental Ice Elemental
Level 4
Fire Elemental Fire Elemental
Energy Elemental Energy Elemental
Level 5
Earth Elemental Earth Elemental
Magma Elemental Magma Elemental
Level 6
Psychic Elemental Psychic Elemental
Magic Elemental Magic Elemental
Level 7
Firebird Firebird
Phoenix Phoenix
Castle Rampart Tower
Inferno Necropolis Dungeon
Stronghold Fortress Conflux
Cove Factory
Fire Elemental
 Horn of the Abyss
 Cost per troop 


Attack 10
Defense 8
Damage 4–6
Health 35
Speed 6
Movement Ground
Size 1
Growth 5
AI Value 345
 Special abilities:
Immune to fire (Magic Arrow included)
Vulnerable to:
   • Ice Bolt
   • Frost Ring
Energy Elemental
 Cost per troop 


Attack 12
Defense 8
Damage 4–6
Health 35
Speed 8
Movement  Energizing 
Size 1
Growth 5
AI Value 470
 Special abilities:
Immune to fire (Magic Arrow included)
Vulnerable to:
   • Ice Bolt
   • Frost Ring
Spellcaster (Protection from Fire)
Altar of Fire    Armageddon's Blade
 Horn of the Abyss
Elemental Conflux  Armageddon's Blade
 Horn of the Abyss
Altar of Fire

Fire Elementals and Energy Elementals are the level 4 creatures of Conflux. They are recruited from the Altar of Fire, or the Fire Elemental Conflux and Elemental Conflux on the adventure map. Fire Elementals can also be summoned with the Summon Fire Elemental spell. They are creatures summoned from the Elemental Plane of Fire.

"Fire Elementals are burning spirits of Fire Magic. They are immune to all Mind and Fire School spells, but take double damage from Ice Ray and Frost Ring attacks. Energy Elementals gain the ability to fly and can also cast the spell Protection from Fire." AB manual

Special Abilities[edit]

Although Fire and Energy Elementals are immune to fire magic, they are not unaffected by fire-based creature attacks. For example Magogs' fireball attack or Dragons' breath attacks are not considered to be magical and therefore they do harm elementals. (In Horn of the Abyss, Fire and Energy Elementals are vulnerable only to the central hex of Magog's attack) Horn of the Abyss.


Though Energy Elementals are level 4 units, the game considers them as level 5 in creature level-based calculations (fixed in Horn of the Abyss Horn of the Abyss).

Heroes with a specialty[edit]

Restoration of Erathia[edit]

In Restoration of Erathia Restoration of Erathia, Fire Elementals are level 4 Neutral creatures. They are recruited from Elemental Conflux or Fire Elemental Conflux.

Horn of the Abyss[edit]

Fire Elementals have a changed appearance that brings their fire in-line with that of the Phoenix:


Additionally, Fire Elementals' battle animations were updated:

Further changes include:

  • Energy Elementals' level bug is fixed.
  • The in-game descriptions for both Fire and Energy Elementals are updated.
  • The Elemental Conflux now increases the growth of all four basic elementals by 1.

Official Renders[edit]

User commentary

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

In their animations, Fire Elementals definitely look like they fly like Superman, but actually they don't. Additionally, both Fire and Energy Elementals have the lowest damage average among level 4 creatures (which can be fixed by having Ignissa Ignissa the Planeswalker or Fiur Fiur the Planeswalker command them as they add +2 to their base damage) while still being as expensive as other same level creatures. Good growth and flight make Energy Elementals usable although far from exceptional.

HotA increased the power of Protection from Fire (this only affects the spellcasting of the upgraded Energy Elementals, however).

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