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Myth and Legend Restoration of Erathia
8 Total Players / 5 Human Players
Underground enabled Size 4 (144×144) - XL
You are a God. Scaring mortals, granting wishes and generally mucking about Greece has been great fun, but with all fun it eventually turns to boredom. Fortunately Autolycus has provided you and the other gods with some amusement. He has stolen the Titan's Cuirass and you must find it first.
Victory condition:
Acquire Artifact or Defeat All Enemies: Titan's Cuirass
Loss condition:
Lose All Your Towns and Heroes
Allies: Green / Orange / Purple / Teal / Pink Enemies: RedBlueTan   GreenOrangePurpleTealPink
Choose a bonus:
Carried to next scenario:
Max level:

Timed events[edit]

Day Title Message
Day 32 Anthesteria Hurray! It is Anthesteria, the Celebration of Spring. The long winter is over, Persephone has returned from the underworld, to enter into the sunlight with her mother Demeter. Demeter has released her icy grip on the world and let all things grow again. What a wonderful time!
Day 32 Party Time to Paaarty! In celebration of Spring everyone cuts loose. Even Hera lets her hair down. Everyone drinks deeply and eats well. Peasants and craftsmen make merry all day long. You enjoy the parties and contests, just living it up well into the night.
Day 34 Hangover Well, you're paying for last night's parties. Your head feels like it's going to explode and the last thing you remember was praying to stop turning your stomach inside out. The cats walk far too heavily and you swear the dead are making the loudest racket you've ever heard.
Day 64 Aphrodisia Aphrodisia is the celebration of Aphrodite, or more specifically of love. It is celebrated across Greece, by people of all walks of life. Even you, a god celebrates today by spending it with your loved ones. You buy your significant other a nice present, plan a romantic dinner & enjoy the night.
Day 88 Bacchanalia This is the celebration of Wine and Song, Bacchanalia in honor of Bacchus who brings such wonderful things. Singing contests, ballads, poetry, and plenty of drink go around today. Many people spend the day eating and enjoying wine-tasting contests.
Day 88 Bacchanalia2 That evening you relax with your troops, drinking as much wine as you can consume and singing until your throat is sore. No one cares if anyone can sing well or off-key. It's a night for parties and friends, a good night to be alive and well.
Day 90 Ow. You're paying for last night. When will you ever learn that wine gives you a headache? People are in a good mood, despite the abundance of hangovers. At least you were smart enough to drink lots of water and avoid the worst of it. Can't wait until next year.



Location Player Type Name
16, 36, 0 Dungeon Ioannina
32, 54, 0 Pink Rampart Hania
32, 70, 0 Pink Rampart Troy
40, 103, 0 Red Castle Patras
44, 26, 0 Rampart Winery
51, 118, 0 Orange Rampart Kalamata
58, 19, 0 Teal Tower Mt. Olympus
61, 6, 0 Teal Tower Abdera
65, 32, 0 Rampart Volos
65, 101, 0 Red Castle Sparta
66, 132, 0 Orange Rampart Aethiopia
71, 67, 0 Blue Dungeon Lamia
75, 82, 0 Rampart Delphi
89, 122, 0 Purple Dungeon Komotini
94, 108, 0 Purple Dungeon Corinth
100, 83, 0 Green Castle Chios
103, 61, 0 Blue Dungeon Ithaca
109, 3, 0 Green Tower Kavala
109, 106, 0 Green Castle Athens
93, 28, 1 Tan Inferno Hades House
103, 45, 1 Tan Inferno Summer House


Location Player Hero
26, 63, 0 Imprisoned Ingham Ingham the Cleric
32, 55, 0 Pink Aeneas Aeneas the Druid (ref)
36, 81, 0 Pink Cupid Cupid the Ranger (ref)
41, 18, 0 Imprisoned Tyris Tyris the Knight
46, 101, 0 Red Odysseus Odysseus the Knight (ref)
51, 120, 0 Orange Nauplius Nauplius the Druid (ref)
60, 8, 0 Teal Perseus Perseus the Knight (ref)
62, 22, 0 Teal Hercules Hercules the Knight (ref)
66, 137, 0 Orange Amphritrite Amphritrite the Ranger (ref)
69, 101, 0 Red Tyndareus Tyndareus the Knight (ref)
78, 109, 0 Imprisoned Rion Rion the Cleric
80, 134, 0 Imprisoned Cuthbert Cuthbert the Cleric
83, 55, 0 Blue Hephaestus Hephaestus the Warlock (ref)
90, 123, 0 Purple Abaris Abaris the Warlock (ref)
91, 109, 0 Purple Ion Ion the Overlord (ref)
100, 67, 0 Blue Prometheus Prometheus the Overlord (ref)
100, 84, 0 Green Erechtheus Erechtheus the Knight (ref)
105, 92, 0 Imprisoned Valeska Valeska the Knight
108, 77, 0 Imprisoned Sorsha Sorsha the Knight
112, 106, 0 Green Artemis Artemis the Cleric (ref)
91, 31, 1 Tan Erebus Erebus the Death Knight (ref)
103, 46, 1 Tan Rhadamanthus Rhadamanthus the Necromancer (ref)

Map Notes[edit]