Petrifying attack

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Creatures immune to petrifying attack
* Troglodyte Troglodyte
* Infernal Troglodyte Infernal Troglodyte
* Green Dragon Green Dragon
* Gold Dragon Gold Dragon
* Red Dragon Red Dragon
* Black Dragon Black Dragon
* Magic Elemental Magic Elemental
* Azure Dragon Azure Dragon

Petrifying attack (or petrify or sometimes stone gaze) is a special ability of Basilisks and Greater Basilisks and Medusas and Medusa Queens. In the game the term stone gaze is referred in the medusas' description. The effect of both abilities are identical.

Medusas' and basilisks' the petrifying attack may occur after they have attacked or retaliated target creature stack. The chance of petrifying the target is 20%. If medusas or basilisks petrify while they attack, the target will not have a chance to retaliate. Petrification can be removed with the Cure or Dispel spell. Otherwise it will last for 3 combat rounds or until the petrified stack is attacked. When a petrified troop is attacked it takes half damage (both melee and ranged attacks) and retaliates at full strength.

Petrifying attacks are negated by the Recanter's Cloak and Cursed Ground, but not by the Orb of Inhibition.

Creatures with a petrifying attack:

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