Basilisk and Greater Basilisk

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Fortress creatures
Level 1
Gnoll Gnoll
Gnoll Marauder Gnoll Marauder
Level 2
Lizardman Lizardman
Lizard Warrior Lizard Warrior
Level 3
Serpent Fly Serpent Fly
Dragon Fly Dragon Fly
Level 4
Basilisk Basilisk
Greater Basilisk Greater Basilisk
Level 5
Gorgon Gorgon
Mighty Gorgon Mighty Gorgon
Level 6
Wyvern Wyvern
Wyvern Monarch Wyvern Monarch
Level 7
Hydra Hydra
Chaos Hydra Chaos Hydra
Castle Rampart Tower
Inferno Necropolis Dungeon
Stronghold Fortress Conflux
Cove Factory
 Cost per troop 


Attack 11
Defense 11
Damage 6–10
Health 35
Speed 5
Movement Ground
Size 2
Growth 4
AI Value 552
 Special abilities:
Petrifying attack 20%
Greater Basilisk
 Cost per troop 


Attack 12
Defense 12
Damage 6–10
Health 40
Speed 7
Movement Ground
Size 2
Growth 4
AI Value 714
 Special abilities:
Petrifying attack 20%
Basilisk Pit  

Basilisks and Greater Basilisks are the level 4 creatures of Fortress. They are recruited from the Basilisk Pit.

"The basilisk and greater basilisk have developed the ability to petrify their prey for three rounds. Their attacks have a 20% chance of making this occur. Petrified creatures take 50% damage from attacks and are unfrozen when struck." RoE manual

Heroes with a specialty[edit]

  • Bron Bron the Beastmaster has basilisks as a specialty, which increases the attack and defense skills of any basilisks or greater basilisks for each level attained after 4th level, and gives them a speed bonus of 1. Uniquely, he also starts with Basilisks in his army.

Official Renders[edit]

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

Basilisks have pretty high stats for their level. As other Fortress creatures, they have an excellent special ability. Upgrading them right away is recommended due to the significant increase in speed.

If you choose Bron as your starting hero (or recruit him as one of the weekly heroes at a tavern), you will have Basislisks in your army. This is the only hero that starts with a level 4 creature and also gives them +1 speed (unless you play Horn of the Abyss as Cove hero Illor starts with Stormbirds), giving your army some advantage in the early game.

Dividing your early basilisks into several stacks is a useful tactic to maximize the chances to trigger the powerful petrification, which will take an enemy stack out of action for a whole three rounds.

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