Portal of Summoning

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 Portal of Summoning

Building cost: 2500 Gold 5 Ore.
Buildings required: none.

Portal of Summoning is a Dungeon building that enables players to recruit random creatures from flagged dwellings. The type of creature in a Portal of Summoning will be set random immediately after building, and then at the beginning of each week. In case of multi-dwellings (Golem Factory and Elemental Conflux) one random type of creatures will be chosen. Recruiting from the Portal of Summoning doesn't reduce the number of creatures available in the external dwelling on the map.

Portal of Summoning is not affected by the month of plague.

AI can not build or buy creatures from Portal of Summoning.

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Some may find the information in this section subjective or irrelevant.

  • Creatures not recruited from the previous week will be lost on day 1.
  • Recruiting from the Portal of Summoning doesn't reduce the number of creatures available in the town's dwelling nor in the external dwelling on the map (e.g. having Dungeon, Portal of Summoning, Fort, and a Harpy Loft both in the town and on the adventure map, you'll get 24 Harpies instead of regular 8: 8 in the town, 8 via Portal of Summoning, and 8 on the map, - three times more than usual). Upgrading your town to Citadel and Castle will increase only the growth of the creatures in their dwelling placed in the town, i.e. it won't affect the number of ones recruited in the Portal of Summoning nor on the map (e.g. Citadel will give you 13+8+8=29 Harpies, and Castle will give you 17+8+8=33 Harpies).
  • Creature recruited via Portal of Summoning are random among all those available in your external dwellings. Thus, when playing Dungeon, it might be more beneficial not flagging low-level dwellings so as to have a guarantee of getting top-level creatures (e.g. don't flag a dwelling of Troglodytes, so as to get Red Dragons).